Special hardware system «ENF-Server»


February 28, 2017

“OT-Contact” participated in international scientific-practical conference “Special forensic technology” with a report on “Special software applications for forensic video and audio analysis”. “OT-Contact” represented new capabilities and functionality of "ÎÒExpert", "HEX-Expert", "DB-Expert" and "DTP-Expert".

November 02, 2016

OT-Contact” provided a presentation of new functionality of software application complex “DTP-Expert” for government forensic experts.

September 29, 2015

«DTP-Expert» received approval from Ministry of Justice Scientific Council for usage in forensic video examination laboratories.

Special hardware system «ENF-Server»

«ENF-Server» is a hardware/software complex that provides precise collection (every second) of ENF data that can be used to verify audio/video creation date and time or prove its editing.

Hardware system technical specification:

  • electrical network frequency value measurement (every second);
  • collection of ENF database (with data backup);
  • precise time synchronization via GLONASS/GPS;
  • error notification;
  • 10 minutes of independent functioning in case of power supply blackout;
  • correct system shutdown after 10 minutes of power supply blackout;
  • automatic launch after blackout;
  • ENF database export to external USB memory card;
  • remote access to ENF data.

Hardware system must have access to GLONASS/GPS (can be carried via external receiver) coverage to provide time synchronization.