February 28, 2017

“OT-Contact” participated in international scientific-practical conference “Special forensic technology” with a report on “Special software applications for forensic video and audio analysis”. “OT-Contact” represented new capabilities and functionality of "ÎÒExpert", "HEX-Expert", "DB-Expert" and "DTP-Expert".

November 02, 2016

OT-Contact” provided a presentation of new functionality of software application complex “DTP-Expert” for government forensic experts.

September 29, 2015

«DTP-Expert» received approval from Ministry of Justice Scientific Council for usage in forensic video examination laboratories.

Professional forensic video investigation system «VD-Expert»

Software register certificate #2019667732 19 December 2019

"VD-Expert" – is a specialized software system for forensic video and image analysis and investigation. "VD-Expert" is designed to find signs of inter-frame, intra-frame and inter-stream editing, to identify video or photo camera used to create the file.

Basic functionality

  • Display and frame-by-frame positioning for all widely used file formats: MPEG-4/QTFF (*.mp4, *.mpv, *.mov, *.3gp, *.3g2), ASF (*.wmv, *.asf), RIFF AVI (*.avi), Matroska (*.mkv), FLV (*.flv, *.swf), h264 (*.h264, *.264, *.psf, *.dav, *.AVC), mpeg_ps (*.MPEG, *.MPG, *.MOD,*.VOB), mpeg_ts (*.MTS, *.M2TS), images (*.JPEG, *.BMP, *.PNG).
  • Playback of video streams synchronously with the audio streams.
  • Zoom in video images with or without interpolation.
  • Export individual frames or sequences of frames without loss of quality.
  • Image enhancement using various digital processing methods: changing brightness, contrast, chromaticity and deinterlacing.
  • Displays brightness histograms for different color channels.

Special functionality


Image or frame analysis

"VD-Expert" allows to detect intra-frame editing – revealing fraud traces by violations of the images creation laws: digital photos and separate frames of video recording. A set of threshold, gradient, and special filters allows to detect the boundaries of imported or deleted objects.


Sequence of frames analysis

"VD-Expert" allows to detect inter-frame video installation – investigate and prove the continuity of a frame sequence. Detection of duplication of an image sequence is a unique search functionality that extracts identical frames sequences, designed to detect the most common type of CCTV recordings fraud.


"VD-Expert" includes the "ENF-Expert" module which allows to detect electrical network frequency interference in a sequence of frames and determine the integrity and exact time of recording a video. Automatic recognition of the timecode displayed in the video frame and representation of the recognition results in graphical form allows to analyze the continuity of the sequence of timecode values in the video recording and find fragments of the video recording that contain a violation of continuity.

Cross-stream analysis

"VD-Expert" allows simultaneous playback of audio and video stream with playback positioning up to the frame and displaying the audio signal in various representations: waveform, spectrogram, energy. This allows to detect replacement of video streams or their mismatch.


Analysis of the file structure

"VD-Expert" is designed for detailed analysis of the file structure, establishing its compliance with the specified format and controlling the filling of file header service fields. The "HEX-Expert" module allows to analyze data in hexadecimal representation with the possibility of interpreting it as a sequence of data of various types, search for traces of using codecs or specialized software designed for editing video and audio signals, analyze frame distribution maps in detail to detect the features of recording devices or software used to create or modify the file.


"VD-Expert" provides an additional feature for automatic comparison of the file structures in the framework of forensic study with the output of a report on the results of group comparison.

Data storage analysis

"VD-Expert" allows to analyze data storage devices with FAT16 and FAT32 file systems (the "FAT-Expert" module). The "FAT-Expert" software module allows you to determine whether the files contained on the drive are original or were copied to it after the recording process was completed. It supports displaying individual blocks of file data and their physical allocation on the drive.

Identification of video recording devices

"VD-Expert" allows to identify the video recording device – to determine with which device the video was created. Different methods are applied here: analysis of file media, analysis of the file structure, the analysis of audio signals of video, the analysis of the uneven sensitivity of the elements of the matrix capture devices (PRNU).


The use of "VD-Expert" during forensic examination of video recordings allows to ensure the completeness and comprehensiveness of the research.