February 28, 2017

“OT-Contact” participated in international scientific-practical conference “Special forensic technology” with a report on “Special software applications for forensic video and audio analysis”. “OT-Contact” represented new capabilities and functionality of "ÎÒExpert", "HEX-Expert", "DB-Expert" and "DTP-Expert".

November 02, 2016

OT-Contact” provided a presentation of new functionality of software application complex “DTP-Expert” for government forensic experts.

September 29, 2015

«DTP-Expert» received approval from Ministry of Justice Scientific Council for usage in forensic video examination laboratories.


«OT-CONTACT» - is one of the founder of the Russian Speech Technology Consortium.
«OT-CONTACT» employees are the members of Russian Acoustic Society.  
«OT-CONTACT» is the member of High Technology Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The main focus of our development is the usage of modern scientific technologies for the purposes of forensic audio/video examination.

We provide wide forensic audio and video investigation product line for governmental agencies and private business projects.